Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

What’s the score?

A wonderfully wild woodland park in a former cemetery.

Described as London’s most urban woodland, the Park is a nature reserve and historic cemetery in the heart of the East End.

With walking trails, grave stones, an education centre, pond, wild flower meadows, foraging opportunities and an abundance of wildlife it is a truly magical place.

Tell me more …

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is one of London’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries. It was built by the Victorians to meet the increasing demand for burial space in a growing metropolis.

In 1966 the park was closed for burials and converted into a park by an Act of Parliament. Today it is lovingly managed by the Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park under agreement with the Borough Council. Check out their website to learn about its history, wildlife and the fantastic events run here.

Great for …

  • foraging (obtain permission first)
  • woodland walks (bring a dog!)
  • wildlife spotting (inc. woodpeckers, red kites)
  • events (festivals, wildflower walks, kids club, forest school)
  • ‘escaping’ the city
  • bluebells

Facilities …

Access …

Tube to Mile End. 5 min walk to site.

Open 24 hours a day all year (though main gates open dawn till dusk). More details.

The main pathways in the park are buggy/wheelchair friendly (surfaced with recycled material so not super smooth but accessible!).

Entrance to the park is via ‘kissing gates’ to allow walkers, bike riders, wheelchairs and buggies to get in, but to keep out motorbikes (double buggies may need to use larger entrance on Southern Grove).

Find out more …

The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park have got you covered …

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