Bartlett Park playground

What’s the score?

Opened in the second half of 2020, Bartlett Park playground is a welcome addition to the area, offering a mix of play equipment for toddlers to 10 year olds (the website claims up to 18yrs, but I’d say younger ages are gonna be most interested). You can easily while away a couple of hours here even though it isn’t huge. It’s got a zip-wire, trampoline, sandpit as well as the usual swings and slides.

The playground is on the edge of the park where it meets the Limehouse Cut, and the area has been nicely landscaped with seating, paving and wildflowers to create an attractive opening onto the canal. Definitely one to keep an eye on as the former adventure playground at the south of the park is also due to be converted into an ecology and play zone.

Tell me more:

Local parents and Tower Hamlets SEND Team worked with the architects to try and create a space that works for all children, including those with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. There is certainly a range of equipment, with inclusive swings, roundabout, seesaw and sand play area. The main wooden play structure also has gentle ramps which look suitable for wheelchairs (though I am not 100% on this, so do check with the council).

Bartlett Park is just south of the Limehouse Cut (canal) and just north west of the Lansbury Estate. The Estate was famously built as part of the Festival of Britain in 1951, after the area had been badly damaged in WW2. It was constructed with the intention of creating neighbourhoods, which should contain everything a community needed – schools, housing, shops, churches and open spaces.

You can’t fail to notice the spire of St Saviour’s Church in the centre of the park, just south of the playground, surrounded by a row of housing. Originally built in 1873, it was almost destroyed by a fire in 2007. Currently it is propped up by scaffolding, but has been listed and will be developed into housing.

Great for …

  • Safe, contained play for kids (the playground is fenced off)
  • Combining with a walk along the Limehouse Cut, why not check out nearby Bow Locks
  • Football in the open spaces of Bartlett Park

Facilities …

  • Poplar Union – arts & events venue (right next door)
  • Fantastic coffee and treats at Poplar Bakehouse (sister to E5 Roasthouse)
  • Toilets in Poplar Union
  • Outdoor gym approx 500m away within Bartlett Park

Access …

Langdon Park and All Saints DLR are the closest stations to the park, approx 10 minutes walk away.

The 309 bus stops on Upper North Street right by the playground. Otherwise, the 108 stops on Chrisp Street and the 277, D6 and D7 stop on Burdett Road – all of these a 5-10 minute walk away.

Find out more …

See London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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